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Jumaat, 23 Mac 2012

More stress after STPM result


Ohh dear blog and visitor. .plze pray for me !!
c0z of STPM's last year result. .all of Pre-U 
SHAMS students need  more hardworking in our 
studies. .the highest score for last year only 3.42 merit. .
& the lowest score 0.00 merit. .4 student got that result !!

Its too low result for our school. .i dunno why that 
Terengganu result's for STPM student go down for the last 
year. .so i really hope that all of us can do the best
for a great result. .i dun want all my teachers become 
shame again for our resut this year. .

But we also have to hardworking c0z this a last year 
for STPM used the old system. .& for the information,
the lower six students this year will used modular system. .
its more easy for the students. .

So i'm sorry for not update new post for a several 
months before i'm finished my STPM exam. .
Actually this situation for me ----> more stress & tired !!! 
( c0z of too much additional class & homework )
but i'll try my best to fulfill my ambition. .Its the last chance
 for me & friends to score 4 o 5 Prinsipal in this exam. .

my note :

Plze pray for me oke ? I really wanna go to the UNIVERSITY next year !!
Ameen Ameen Ameen Ya Rabbal 'Alamin

#just ignore about my grammar oke ?

~mAy AllAh bLess!Ng uS~

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