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Sabtu, 4 Ogos 2012

My love letter just for you dear

Assalamualaikum Wbt
  J Dear blog. . J

For a long time i dont give any news right ?
sorry because i'm always busy with other works
 what a kind of works i have done ?
yes of course with my learning time at school
& with my live as a muslim
especially in the holy month now
fasting month to all muslim right dear ?


the bad news i had was its the lazy
and tired month for me cause of 
i can't focus on my revise subject for 
the next trial examination after this eid
fitri on august


i need your prayer for me
and i hope also i'll achieve my target
to get at least 3.5 pointer for my trial exams
i know it is difficult for me to maintain
or  improve my existing pointer

but i know i can do it ! 

The last pointer I got during the middle 
of the test was 3.08 then i'll
hard working for it , insyaAllah

after this i can't write until i finished
 my real STPM exams oke dear ?

my note : 

always pray for me oke ?

ü  pray for my success in STPM
ü  pray for my healthy during & before the exams 
ü  don't forget to pray that i can go to the 
university for next year with the course i want

J Thank You ALL my DEAR J

~mAy AllAh bLess!Ng uS~

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  1. always pray for u dear.. :)Insya Allah.. sahabat ana ni boleh.. anyway,, best lagu kt blog ni.. butterfly.. :)


hArAp kAL!An sUd! m'bR! p'IngAtn kPd dR! iN! (^.^)

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